fred's tiny houses

Today I visited The Mill in Castlemaine where there are 3 tiny house builds going on. One by a young man Matt, one a gypsy caravan design, and one the 2nd tiny house build by Fred Schultz. I have attended Fred's tiny house workshops and can highly recommend them. Attend Fred's workshops and learn how to build or have built a cute tiny house - adaptable, affordable and sustainable. 


royal botanic gardens

Yesterday I went on a Springtime tour at the Melbourne Royal Botanic gardens. It was so interesting to understand the development of the gardens over time, wonderful to see beautiful flowers and powerful old trees, and learn about the need to introduce new plants to adapt to climate change. 


marriage law postal survey

From 25 September to 20 October, Australians experiencing homelessness will be able to obtain a Secure Access Code via the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey online inquiry form on the ABS website ( or by calling the Information Line – 1800 572 113. The Secure Access Code can be used to provide an anonymous survey response through an automated telephone service, a secure online form or via a call centre. 


affordable housing

I have started volunteering with Castlemaine District Community Health in the Housing Service. We are exploring the option of tiny houses for disadvantaged people. Tiny houses can be less expensive than other housing options, provide privacy and sustainability features. We are looking at Tiny Homes Foundation who have already started a similar prototype. 


so much nature

After the tiny homes workshop today, I walked home and appreciated so many daffodils, beautiful wattle and the spacious sky and setting sun. Spring around the corner. 

tiny homes

I have become passionate about the tiny homes movement, as it addresses major social and environmental issues. Today and tomorrow I am attending two workshops on tiny homes - how to live off the grid and where to put your tiny home.