Juha Kaakinen visits Castlemaine

Yesterday we had the privilege of hosting Juha Kaakinen for an intimate lunch in Castlemaine including with our Mayor and Council CEO.

Juha is Chief Executive Officer of Y-Foundation since 2013 (expert member of the Board of Y-Foundation 1986-2003), the biggest Finnish NGO acquiring flats from the private market for homeless people and providing social housing.

From 2008- 2012, he worked for the Finnish Ministry of the Environment as Program Leader of the National Program to reduce long-term homelessness 2008-2012. He was also the Secretary of the working Group of “Wise People” appointed by the Ministry of Housing to formulate the basic principles for the Homelessness Reduction Program. From 1990- 2011, he was CEO of Sosiaalikehitys Oy (Social Development Ltd), a Research and Development Company owned by 11 municipalities).

Juha has written over 50 research papers, articles and evaluation reports on social services, employment projects and policies and homelessness issues.

How Finland ended homelessness.

Juha is a lovely humble, determined and wise man, and has given us much inspiration for our work in Castlemaine and Australia. (Aug 18)