School of Space is about yoga and meditation, for quiet and transformation.

The essential teaching I learned with Integral Yoga master Swami Satchidananda was how to practice yoga to have an ‘easeful body, peaceful mind and useful life’.

1993 – certified Integral Yoga teacher, NYC USA

1993-2001 – lived and worked with Integral Yoga Institute, NYC USA

2001-2008 – worked with award winning EnlightenNext magazine, Massachusetts USA

2010 – attended the first Wisdom2.0 (tech and wisdom practices), San Francisco USA

2011 – cofounded This is Mindful with Ross Hill, a stream of events on mindfulness and the edge which ran from January to May, Melbourne Australia

2013 – certified Gawler Foundation meditation teacher, Victoria Australia

2013 – founded School of Space in July to establish wellbeing practices at Hub Australia such as ‘yoga and meditation for entrepreneurs’. Ross Hill joined me as cofounder and we ran a stream of monthly events until July 2014.

2013 – attended the first Search Inside Yourself leadership course (created at Google), San Francisco USA

2015 – certification Shantarasa Yoga teacher, Adelaide Australia

2015/16 – published the Quiet Interviews, a collaboration with Ross Hill, Anne Wu and Eddie Harran, Melbourne Australia

2016 – certified Shantarasa meditation teacher, Gujurat India

2016 – attended Yoga – Science of Infinite Possibilities, Sydney Australia

2016 – participated in MIT’s u.lab Leading From the Emerging Future

2016 – 6-week beginners yoga course with Our Big Kitchen team, Sydney Australia

2016 – yoga classes with Wayside Chapel, Sydney Australia

Yogaville Instructor Sticker Final