I have always had a love for quiet and expanding awareness.

The essential teaching I learned (quiet) with my first teacher Satchidananda, was how to practice the 8 limbs of yoga to have an ‘easeful, peaceful and useful life’.

The essential teaching I learned (expanding awareness) with my second teacher Cohen, was that there is a deeper universal and unified consciousness that can be expressed as one through many individuals. It is profound, a next potential starting to be experienced by us.

1980 – started hatha yoga in Adelaide Australia

1993 – certified Integral hatha yoga teacher NYC USA

1993-2001 – lived and worked with Integral Yoga Institute NYC USA

2001-2008 – lived and worked with EnlightenNext magazine Massachusetts USA

2010 – attended the first Wisdom2.0 San Francisco USA (tech and wisdom practices)

2011 – cofounded This is Mindful with Ross Hill, a stream of events on mindfulness and the edge which ran from January to May, Melbourne Australia

2013 – founded School of Space in July to establish mindfulness practices at Hub Melbourne, Hub Sydney and Hub Adelaide such as ‘meditation for entrepreneurs’. Ross Hill joined me as cofounder and we ran a stream of monthly events around mindfulness and the edge until July 2014.

2013 – attended the first Search Inside Yourself leadership course, San Francisco USA (course born at Google)

2014 – participated in the first Do Lectures Australia

2015 – School of Space is now developing to encompass mindfulness of physical space and ambient space. Both elements are key to dynamic and generative collaborative work spaces.

2015 – certification Shantarasa hatha yoga teacher, Adelaide Australia 

Stay tuned for upcoming School of Space developments… :)