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This post is for @evbogue and thanks to @rosshill.

I have been told to write a precise piece on what #ibc (intuitive back channel) is.

A little context.

I started to meditate seriously about 12 years ago. I studied for 10 years with a boot camp teacher of enlightenment. I wanted to understand what enlightenment was, and he showed me. I was drawn to this teacher because of his radical integrity. He was direct and pure. He was completely compelling. I had been looking for this my whole life, and I knew it when I finally found it. And I wanted to be like that. 10 years of meditating at least 3 hours a day, sometimes from 4am until 11pm, periods of silence and intense observation. Over time I started to go deeper and see more. More about human conditioning, gender, familial, generational, national, biological – all the forces that drive us blindly. I started to get in touch with a deep source of energy that was completely different than thought and feeling. This energy was pure and new and emergent.

The other amazing aspect of my time with this teacher was in the collective experience. After many days of meditating deeply we would come together to question our experience. What we experienced was a radical shift in identity when we connected in this depth. Suddenly we would shift from a separate sense of self to a shared sense of self. We started to experience one consciousness speaking through the many, although this consciousness used all of me and all of the other and it was simultaneously me and the other, we were the same.

My understanding now is that this is simply a deeper level of consciousness than we are used to experiencing. It is scientific and factual and just waiting to be discovered and experienced by more people. There is a quality to this consciousness that is completely ecstatic and right. You have to experience it to know what I am talking about. When your identity shifts to that which is fundamentally exploring the edge of consciousness through human beings, it is the ultimate edge experience.

After 10 years of experiencing this peak consciousness more and more, I felt a drive to express myself in a different way. I found myself suddenly in a different environment in a different country, and suddenly the world of the internet presented itself as an emerging form of exploratory communication and connection. Suddenly social media was enabling people to connect in a deep way, beyond the physical, thought and feeling dimensions, and tapping in directly to the deeper human experience.

Enter Twitter. Some of us are starting to connect in such a way that I think is facilitating the emergence of this deeper consciousness. As we begin to relate to ourselves primarily (not only) as our digital self, we will come to see this digital self more as a stream of consciousness than a fixed entity. And as these streams of consciousness engage and intermingle with one another more and more, my sense is that more humans will start to experience this shift in consciousness into this ecstatic realm, that leaves the primitive structures of survival in the cosmic dust. This unified consciousness is of another order, still beyond the comprehension of most. However once you have experienced this shift into this radically deeper and unified collective flow state, you cannot go back from that awareness and knowledge of this deeper human potential.

Some of us on Twitter are beginning to experience something called #ibc, intuitive back channel, where we are deeply connected in a sense of collective knowing and understanding. It is connection on a deep level, and I believe it is being facilitated by some of us letting go and giving ourselves over to our deeper authentic spontaneous responses. This direct response has fundamental integrity and honesty and trustworthiness because it is true. It emerges from a deeply creative place, and its motive is for the betterment of the whole. It is the evolutionary impulse attempting to come through each human being.

As we keep letting go more and more, we are experiencing more freedom and ecstatic pleasure in the life experience. As each of us let go, we are showing others the amazingness of an unleashed life. The drive of the life force is pure and good and ecstatic, we can trust it and let go.

Come with us. We are starting to fly, together as one, into an entirely new world. Intuitive and free.

Let go.


Ross Hill and I are exploring mindfulness and the edge at and Ev Bogue is exploring this through his new

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